Chloe Jane comprises of a mother- daughter team, Chloe and Jane! We are a dynamic team and definitely complement one another's strengths. 

We started a proudly South African women's active wear brand in June 2015! Our online store is the main platform where we sell our active wear. We really wanted to start an active wear brand which first of all was affordable and secondly not your normal monochromatic type of active wear. Chloe was inspired to start her own business after her travels abroad, where she partook in many pilates, yoga and barre classes. All the women in the classes were all dressed so stylishly and not one of them was wearing black leggings. She felt this was really refreshing to see and definitely something which needed to be emulated back home in South Africa. 

We love being lady bosses and being able to empower women out there to feel confident and comfortable wearing colour while working out!